Our Team

Want to contact us directly? Please use our staff directory below.  Don't know who you want to contact or would like to share general feedback?  Please talk to us!

Staff Member/Email Position Community Phone # Fax #
Andrew Nakashuk Chairperson    867-979-3444  
Percy Kabloona Vice-Chairperson      
Ovide Alakanauruk Commissioner      
Peter Alareak Commissioner      
Darrell Ohokannoak Commissioner      
Shawn Lester Commissioner      
Charlie Arngak Makivik Alternate Member      
Putulik Papigatuk Makivik Alternate Member      
Sharon Ehaloak Executive Director Iqaluit  867-979-3444  867-979-3443
Ryan Mason Executive Assistant/Office Admin. Iqaluit  867-979-3444  
Judy Romaric Sessua Kuengou
Senior Finance Officer Iqaluit  867-979-3444  
Okah Peter Finance Officer Iqaluit   867-979-3444  
Audrey Mainville HR Officer Iqaluit  867-979-3444  
Goump Djalogue Senior Planner  Iqaluit  867-979-3444  
Allan Thompson Planner  Iqaluit  867-979-3444  
Jonathan Ehaloak Manager IT Iqaluit   867-979-3444  
Dorine Dounla French Translator Iqaluit  867-979-3444


Brian Aglukark Director of Policy and Planning Arviat 867-857-2242 867-857-2243
Peter Scholz Senior Planner Arviat 867-857-2242  
Tommy Owlijoot Interpreter/Translator Arviat 867-857-2242  
Annie Ollie Interpreter/Translator, Regional Planner Arviat 867-857-2242  
Jonathan Savoy Manager of Planing & Implementation Cambridge Bay 867-983-4625  867-983-4626